You want an estimate of your coins, banknotes, jewelry or stamps: All our estimates are free and without obligation.

We are also able to carry out the partitions within the framework of inheritances.

You will be received at our Clermont Ferrand numismatic firm by M Romain CONVERT, professional numismatist with more than 12 years of experience as a merchant and more than 20 years of experience as a collector. We are also specialists in the purchase of gold coinsfrom the stock market (20 Napoleon francs, 20 Dollars, 50 Pesos) and the redemption of gold in all its forms (coins, jewelry, watches, ingots, debris) and the sale of gold coins (stock exchange or collection).

Notre magasin à Clermon-Ferrand

Our Clermont Ferrand numismatic firm offers:

  • Buying and Selling Gold & Silver Coins
  • The purchase of old collector’s coins,
  • The purchase of French and foreign tickets
  • The purchase of stamps from France
  • The purchase of your gold in all its forms (coins, jewelry, watches, debris, ingots)
  • Free estimates
  • Personalized advice
  • Spoken English

Latest news:

  • Since January 1, 2021 your ANCIENNES COLLECTIONS store offers you the purchase of your gold in all its forms: purchase of gold jewelry, gold watches, debris and gold bars.
  • Since March 3, 2021, your ANCIENNES COLLECTIONS store has been offering € 0 tickets for the UEUM series for sale in only 3000 copies, of which only 1900 are put into circulation (the first 1000 and the last 100 being kept in reserve).

For our collector friends, we have a large choice of quality coins (francs, Greek and Roman coins, foreign coins, etc.), old banknotes (French francs, Swiss francs, pesetas, schillings, etc.), old paper ( Russian loans, Chinese loans, old shares of trading companies) and new French stamps.

A word from the boss:

Hello to all visitors to my website!

Let me introduce myself, Romain CONVERT, a passionate collector of old coins since my youngest age.

In September 2009, I started as a professional numismatist with a storefront. My goal was to share my passion with as many collectors as possible as well as to introduce novices to this fabulous passion which is numismatics

At the time, I specialized in the 5 Francs coins of the 19th century and more particularly in the 5 Francs Louis-Philippe.

Of course, when you become professional, proficiency in all French and foreign currencies through all eras of history, including the ancient period, is essential.

I can say that it took me several years to develop this expertise, and what is fascinating in this profession is that even after a large number of years we continue to learn thanks to collectors. enthusiasts who cross the threshold of my store. I would like to thank them here for the energy they impart to me; we can say that their passion for collectors is contagious!

To you who are reading these lines and who are not yet a collector, I urge you to visit us: we will try to pass on our passion to you. Moreover, what makes one of its attractions is that it is accessible to all budgets: you can very well take pleasure in collecting coins worth € 1 as well as coins worth € 100 (or even much more!)

Our website is updated regularly so that you can find updated and recent information (see in particular the “Numismatic News” tab where you will find the dates of fairs / stock exchanges in the Auvergne region as well as our latest publications. numismatics).